The Fabulous Life

So it seems everyone has a blog these days. Every time I log on Facebook I see wedding blogs, baby blogs, house blogs, cooking for my husband blogs. While I’m not a blog snob (I’ll read anything once), I’ve quickly realized I have nothing in common with the bloggers. No wedding, baby, house or husband for me…yet. And while I was about to be upset at this revelation (okay, in all honesty, I did get a little upset, but my sweet boyfriend calmed me down), I realized what a FABULOUS life I have without all of those things that all of those bloggers speak of!! After all, good things come to those who wait. So while I’m sure having a husband, house and kids is wonderful, I’ve got time for all of that later, and I’m going to enjoy my time of few responsibilities.

Please join me as I chronicle my fabulous life. Why? Because I can.




One thought on “The Fabulous Life

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