Exceptional Eleven…

Here’s my top 11 from 2011: Hope you enjoy!

1. February was an exciting month for me, as it’s my birthday month and it hosts my favorite holiday (Valentine’s Day…not Presidents’ Day). For my birthday, I had some pretty ladies over for a tea party. It was delightful.

The tablescape for the tea party!

2. For my next birthday celebration, I hopped on a plane to California, and my amazing boyfriend took me to Pebble Beach to see my fantasy boyfriend, Phil Mickelson, play in the AT&T Pro-Am tournament. Now, I understand going to a golf tournament might not sound special to other females, but it was! Pebble Beach is beautiful, and I strongly suggest you check it out when you can.

I’m not big on water holes, but this is amazing!

3. In April I boarded a plane to Atlanta, Georgia, to be a guest at a FABULOUS wedding. At the St. Regis. Can’t get more fabulous than that! Since my boyfriend was a groomsman and was going to be occupied all day, I took it upon myself to book a massage at the spectacular St. Regis spa. I’m not going to lie and say that it wasn’t pricey, but I will tell you the relaxation room makes it all worth it. They put out flavor after flavor of delicious chocolate truffles. I almost stayed in there all day! But I got my massage, and it was a treat. Then I put my swim suit on, and I spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Heaven.

The St. Regis, Atlanta

Can I stay forever?

4. To celebrate our anniversary, my boyfriend and I took a little road trip to Savannah for July 4th, since we were already in Atlanta for another wedding. You see, we met in Savannah, then quickly went our separate ways, then kept in touch, then began our long-distance relationship, and then celebrated it by returning to Savannah. Whew. Anyway, it’s a fantastic city with mouth-watering food, and we had a great time! We went to Vic’s on the River for dinner one night, and we went to the Olde Pink House (MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT) the other night.  I also got to snag a piece of gluten-free coffee cake at Gallery Espresso before we hit the road back to Atlanta. Happy girl.

Walking down River Street.

The Olde Pink House

This song was dedicated to us! At the Tavern below the Olde Pink House.

5. The next bit of fabulousness came Labor Day weekend. Again, I hopped on a plane to Cali, but this time I got to see wine country! It is as pretty as they say it is, but I got very overwhelmed when deciding which wineries to see, so we went to two, and headed back to San Francisco for the night (that will be my #6).

Viansa Winery

Private wine & cheese tasting at Viansa. Yum!

Sparkling wine tour at Domaine Carneros.

I’ll stop there for now, but know that there are six more bits of fabulous coming your way soon!




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