Small Business Spotlight

When I was in business school, I remember a professor telling us that if we ever had a bad experience, we have a duty to the owner to write a letter and let them know. After all, it is much harder to get new customers than to keep the old ones. I guess I took it to heart, always knowing  I wanted to open my own bakery some day. If one of my employees was snotty, I’d want to know instead of losing a customer. Now I do get made fun of a lot for this letter writing habit, but I’ve also gotten a free Continental flight…and hopefully some good small business karma for the future.

Today I’d like to put a super bright spotlight on a small company I found through Pinterest. Just when you were beginning to think companies don’t care about customer service anymore, this company will prove you wrong. You can learn more about Old Try here. Cute website, unique products, and when I emailed with a question, I got a (funny) personal response from Micah within one day. I can’t tell you what I ordered because it’s a Valentine’s Day surprise, but I will include a picture of the wrapping. Adorable!

Old Try wrapping.

Cool label!

Now I need to pick something out for myself! And I hear they’re adding Texas merchandise soon.




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