A Great Cause: FEED

When I call February my birthday month, I’m being totally serious. Some how, every year, I drag it out throughout the entire month. Why? Because I can. My amazing sister ordered me a FEED bag for my birthday, and it finally came in! Now I’d probably buy anything a Bush promoted, but the FEED Project is truly an amazing cause. Lauren Bush started FEED Projects in 2006 to feed and educate hungry children. They have provided over 60 million school meals to children across the world.

The purchase of this bag provides 30 days of Antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and 30 nutritious school meals. ARV treatment helps people live with HIV/AIDS, and it helps prevent the transmission of the disease from moms to their babies. And it’s cute and the perfect size! What’s not to love? Thanks favorite sister!




2 thoughts on “A Great Cause: FEED

  1. Your sister IS awesome!!!! I love this… And so will Travis. I am totally going to buy this for a great cause. Thanks for the great idea!

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