Houston, TX

Don’t let your Monday ruin your Sunday.

After waking up in the heavenly soft bed, there was another trip to the fitness center at the St. Regis. It was still nasty and raining outside, so I viewed my workout as a huge accomplishment.

At last, we had to say goodbye to the St. Regis and get back to reality. We decided to brave the less than desirable weather conditions, and we made our way to the Highland Village Farmer’s Market. I got some chocolate, almond and guava macarons. The chocolate and almond were silky and delicious. I could have skipped the guava…and the lady’s attitude that sells them. Maybe she wants people to feel like they’re in Paris.

Next to her was a cool, laid-back woman who makes her own small-batch foods. She always offers lots of samples, and everything is great! We got some tuscan white bean soup to dip in some crusty bread on this dreary day.

Starving and wet, we headed to Empire Cafe for breakfast. We didn’t have much luck drying off there because despite the weather, it was still packed, and we had to sit on the patio. But the food was good, and it filled us up.

Yay spring break! I can’t wait to enjoy the rest of my relaxing week.




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