Houston, TX

Afternoon Tea at the Omni

After some serious searching, I finally found a place in Houston that serves Afternoon Tea during the week. The St. Regis says it’s offered Wednesday through Sunday on their website, and Tuesday through Saturday in their room booklet. Proof:

Don’t be fooled. If you call and ask for reservations any day before Friday, they’ll act like you’re the crazy one. Trust me, I’ve tried several times due to my bad memory, and fault of believing everything I read on websites. I still want to try Afternoon Tea at the Regis, but the Omni Westside offers it as well (for half the price!).

I’m not sure why I have such an obsession with Afternoon Tea. Maybe it’s the relaxing visiting time, the tiny desserts, the soothing cup of tea, or having an excuse to get dressed up during the middle of the day! Whatever it is, the Omni did not disappoint. My mom and I had 3:00 reservations, and we were the only ones there besides two tables full of old ladies playing cards. How cute! Fadi, the manager, and another young man took very good care of us. I started off with the Flora tea, and it was fruity with a kick of cinnamon. Perfect for 80 degree weather.

Fadi made me a special plate without the bread, and the smoked salmon was delicious. My mom had the sandwiches with the bread. She really liked the cucumber.

We tried different teas, and then we dove into the good stuff!

If you’re looking for a quiet afternoon with your mom (and she’s available from 3-5 p.m.), try out the Omni Afternoon Tea! Here’s the menu.




5 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at the Omni

  1. This sounds lovely!! Amber and I must do this some day. The year she turned 21 she I took a trip to London. I have fond memories of the afternoon tea we had together as well as those awesome full English breakfasts!!

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