it’s the little things…

Yesterday I began my day at Westside Lexus. You want to learn how to make your customers happy? Take a lesson from the service department.

First of all, they always offer me a loaner car. It surprises me every time! So I pop in with my car, and they toss me the keys to a gassed-up beauty (that’s newer and faster). I got to bebop around town in this gorgeous gem all day!

The coolest part was typing Amber’s address into the navigation system, and it didn’t say “address does not exist” (which is what mine always says!). However, since I’m so used to not trusting the directions my car gives, I tried to go my own way. What do you know? That car was smarter than me! It was taking me an alternate way to avoid a wreck blocking the entire road.

So now not only do I want this sweet SUV, I’m seriously contemplating upgrading the navigation system. Well played Lexus, well played. I should also note that their waiting area is fabulously stocked with drinks, newspapers, and magazines, and I wouldn’t have minded waiting in their comfy leather chairs. They also bring back your car all washed and beautiful. They got me.

Now I’d like to rewind a little bit and tell you about my wonderful lunch date with Amber. She has FOUR little ones growing inside her. Yes, that’s right. Four. She is the bravest woman I know. At 19 weeks, she’s on bed rest, and you can imagine how hard that would be. She’s such a trooper though! Totally realistic and positive at the same time. I’m so happy we were able to have lunch, and I could hear all about what’s going on! You can read more about their amazing journey here.

Doesn’t she look fantastic?!




2 thoughts on “it’s the little things…

  1. Love the post! Had such a great time at lunch, it was awesome of you to come by. And that’s totally sweet about the dealership. They are pretty smooth.

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