Houston, TX

Delicious Mall Food @ Daily Grill

So I’ve walked by this restaurant in the Galleria a TON of times, and I’ve always been curious, but I’ve never stopped.

I usually shop alone, and keep shopping until I’m famished, and then I’m forced to eat at the Nordstrom Cafe (I’m not a mall food court fan, if you can imagine that.). Well I’ve had some not so wonderful experiences at the Nordstrom Cafe lately, so I was so thrilled when we found this fabulous little restaurant in the middle of the Galleria! I guess I was always nervous to eat at Daily Grill alone because it’s always packed, but I would totally go back alone any time. Of course I enjoyed eating with my handsome lunch date, but I can’t get him to the Galleria very often.

Their menu has tons of different options and lots of healthy ones. I had the fish tacos, and E had the burger with sweet potato fries. We both thought our dishes were delicious!

So excited to find this place! Where’s your favorite place to eat in or around the Galleria?




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