A Great Good Friday.

I got to fit in many of my favorite things all into one day! My day began at Memorial Athletic Club. It’s so awesome being able to use the pool when five out of the six lanes aren’t taken up by swim lessons. And I love being able to knock out my workout first thing.

Then I had breakfast with my sweet grandparents. I brought cinnamon rolls. They were delish. Next I made my way to The Houstonian. Yes, I know. Again. I waited a whole month, and it was really tough! But worth it. My massage was fantastic, as expected, and I also got a manicure. Reasons to splurge on a manicure at the Houstonian:

#1) You get to wait by the pool and relax in comfy chairs and listen to the waterfall…and there are drinks and fruit if you need refreshments. Doesn’t that sound like enough?

#2) They take their time. I hate getting that manicurist that’s in such a hurry, and then she cuts you, and then squeezes that green liquid in the cut, and it burns like fire for the rest of your mani. Even if by chance she doesn’t cut you, you’re still worried she will the whole time. Not relaxing.

#3) You get to stare out the window at the gorgeous trees and landscaping and watch all the people going to workout walk by. There are some pretty fabulous cars driving around too. Way better than the news.

#4) They have butter LONDON nail polish. butter LONDON polishes are free of nasty ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Parabens. And I got the pretty mint color that I wanted!

They were all booked for pedicures, so that’s next on my list to try. The chairs look like something God would sit on it in Heaven. I hit the steam room and jacuzzi before heading home. Why? Because I can. 

How did you spend your Good Friday?




2 thoughts on “A Great Good Friday.

  1. Love it, that sounds like the perfect day. I always enjoy soaking up the amenities at the nice spas, even if I’m going for a simple treatment. True relaxation! Hope y’all have a great Easter.

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