Mom’s Life Lessons:

I know as a teacher, and I can imagine as a mother, you wonder, am I really teaching these kids anything??  The answer is YES!  Here’s my mom’s top 10…

  1. If the timing’s not right, it’s not right. This important lesson can be applied to any part of your life. My mom has always been 100% supportive of my decisions to quit a job or anything else that isn’t working. She understands that life’s too short to be in a place where you don’t feel alive, and I’m glad she taught me that through her words and by example.
  2. Be especially nice to the receptionist. It’s so obvious, yet so many people miss it. I know because I used to be a receptionist. And do you think I kept my mouth shut or told the big guys when someone was snotty? That’s right. I told. In detail. Be nice! She’s the eyes and ears (and mouth) of the company.
  3. You can accomplish anything if you get the right person on the phone. Ask to speak to someone else if the first person says “no”…and keep asking until you find someone who will get you what you want. This tip works especially well with AT&T.
  4. Doctors aren’t Gods. Question them. They don’t like me very much, but I’ll survive.
  5. Never cancel on someone for a better offer. I learned this one at a very young age. Had plans with one friend, got asked to do something cooler. Wanted to cancel. Mom wouldn’t let me. It really stuck with me because people cancel on me all the time. But it’s rude, and I try my very best not to do it.
  6. Friends come and go. It’s nice to have lifelong friends, but not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. Sometimes the relationship is reciprocal, and sometimes it’s one sided. You have to choose when it’s more work than it’s worth.
  7. Always write Thank You notes. Everyone is busy. It’s not convenient to write a note and find someone’s address and then find a stamp. But it’s necessary. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and baby showers these past few years, and I’m appalled at how many people did not write a thank you note. Did you get the present? Did you hate it? Is your life so incredibly busy you can’t write three sentences and sign your name? P.S.- you do not get a year to write thank you notes for your wedding gifts. I fully agree with Jackie O… the longer you wait, the less effective your note becomes.
  8. If you pick your nails, you need to get a manicure. I remember being very young when my mom took me to get my first manicure. Someone told her I’d stop picking my nails if they were painted. It’s a nasty habit that I still haven’t broken, but it’s true, if they’re painted, I won’t pick them. I just have to get them painted pretty often. But as they say, the first thing someone notices is your nails, so I think it’s important for them to look nice.
  9. The clearer the drink, the lesser the chance of a hangover. I learned this one shortly after I turned 21. A great life lesson. Stick to vodka tonics over any blue fruity concoctions, and you’ll be much better off. Less calories too.
  10. Don’t buy shorts that hit you on the widest part of your leg. This tip is especially important for the upcoming months. Buy them just a tad longer, and wah-la! Skinnier legs!

You will notice my mom’s life lessons are considerably more practical than my dad’s. Check those out here if you missed them. But I think all kids need a dreamer and a realist. And I’m so thankful I can be a little bit of both.

Happy Mother’s Day to the most wonderful mother a girl could ask for!




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