Houston, TX

Double Date Night: Liberty Kitchen

We haven’t been on a double date in quite some time, and it was so much fun! It needs to happen more often! Last night we went to Liberty Kitchen and Oyster Bar in the Heights.


As we pulled into the parking lot, we watched a family walk across the lot, E made fun of the girl’s outfit for awhile, they backed out, and all of a sudden, a truck has pulled in the other entrance and is fighting me for the spot. Guess who won? So I’m not really sure where you would park if you don’t have stellar driving capabilities and you don’t snag one of the few spots up front. But there wasn’t valet, so they probably have something worked out with the other businesses around them.


Our lovely dinner companions beat us to the restaurant and had already put our name on the list. We didn’t have time to order a drink from the bar by the time our table was ready. So not a bad wait on a Friday night. The bartenders weren’t too friendly, so we might not have gotten drinks even if we had waited longer. There is a really cool patio where you can sit and wait though. They only take reservations for parties of 6 or more.


The food was delicious! We started with the Chile Con Queso with Shrimp and Crabmeat. There were huge chunks of shrimp and crab in the cheesy ooey goodness.

It seemed like everyone enjoyed their entrées. I had the Salmon with Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes. The salmon was cooked perfectly, and it wasn’t fishy tasting at all. On the other hand, the mashed potatoes were nothing to write home about. They kind of tasted like boxed mashed potatoes. With chives on top. Other orders around the table included: Big as Your Ass Breakfast which came with pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and a tomato-arugula salad. It looked amazing. The Trout took up the entire plate, and it looked yummy as well. E ordered the Charcoaled Skirt Steak Sandwich. It came with griddled onions, blue cheese, arugula, cherry tomatoes, and bacon jam, along with french fries (I stole a few…they were okay). He also ordered the Gulf/Hill Country Mac & Cheese Cast Iron Skillet. Let me elaborate. That’s mac and cheese with shrimp, sausage, bacon, chiles-onions, and a buttered-crumb crust. Yum! E says, “The ingredients were really fresh and the food was unique.”

The place was lively, but not so loud that you couldn’t talk or hear what the other people at your table were saying. It was perfect for date night, and I’d love to go back for breakfast some time. Any other restaurant suggestions? Let me know!



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