Houston, TX

Annie+Annie: Girls’ Night

This week I was so lucky to get together with some killer lady friends for dinner. It had been way too long since we’ve seen each other, so we ate (and drank) for over two hours at RDG Bar Annie.  I’ve mentioned the place before, but I had only tried dessert. This time was the real deal.

Like I said before, I love the design of the restaurant. It’s modern and chic. We went on a Monday night, and the place was packed and lively.

Everyone shared a large salad to start. I just nibbled on the blue cheese, which was delicious. Now the million dollar question…do you know what Branzino is?

I was fully intending to just skip over it and order the King Salmon, but one of my well-cultured dinner companions told me it was a fancy Mediterranean seabass. And I cannot pass up seabass. Three out of the four of us ordered the Branzino (the crab meat on top really sold me.). And I have to say, I liked my Chilean seabass that E grilled for me the night before better. There was nothing wrong with the Branzino, it’s just totally different than Chilean seabass. Different flavor, different texture, and thinner.

The coffee roasted filet of beef with potato and smoked cheddar crepe was also consumed at the table. It looked like a big butterfly!

Now on to the best part…dessert! We all ordered something different, sampled and passed, sampled and passed. I just had to get the Coffee Ice Cream Sundae with Almonds and Chocolate Fudge Sauce. It was delicious again.

Vanilla Cheesecake with Fresh Strawberries and Pistachios:

Chocolate Cake RDG for MDG with Chocolate Mousse & Candied Orange:

I can’t remember what this one was, but it was good!

Other tidbits to know before you go:

  • They have a really cool bar, if you’re just interested in grabbing a drink.
  • The bathrooms are downstairs, so make sure you go before you have too many cocktails…or take the elevator.
  • Most people that I saw were dressed up nice, so I’d recommend a step up from jeans.
  • If you bring a man, he’ll probably end up leaving hungry.
  • It’s the perfect place for a dinner with the girls!

Where’s your favorite place to go for a girls’ night out?




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