How our garage apartment is like summer camp

It was a little tense around here when we first moved in. Moving is always a bit terrible, plus, the place is tiny. I was having a little meltdown in the kitchen one night when E said, matter-of-factly, “It’s like we’re at summer camp.” He was a camp counselor, so I know he loved camp, and I definitely loved camp as a kid too. That one statement completely changed my opinion about the place. All of a sudden, my hate turned to love. What would I do without him??

Similarities between our apartment and T Bar M (where I went to camp):

  • Theme nights. Every night at camp there was a different theme that we would dress up for and activities that corresponded to the nightly theme. We plan our dinners around a theme (Mexican, Italian, etc.), however, our activities usually revolve around what’s on T.V. (we live for Modern Family).
  • Colored meals. Mmmm, I remember some great camp meals. They gave us yellow meals a lot (mac ‘n cheese, corn dogs, corn…you get the picture). Now, every time I look at my plate and see that everything is the same color, I say, “Green meal!” It happened tonight…

Homemade pesto pasta with roasted asparagus

  • Bathroom cubbies. At camp we had very limited bathroom space for personal items. It was a little easier there though because we weren’t allowed to wear makeup. I still have one cubby in the bathroom, but I’ve become very efficient with baskets.
  • Cost. The cost of one week of camp is same as our monthly rent. Thanks Mom!
  • Cute boys. Ooohwee there were some cute boys at camp! I’ll never forget when the boy’s cabin came and serenaded all of us Bug Tussle girls and asked us to have dinner with them. That’s also where I met my first boyfriend. Boys weren’t allowed in our cabin…not the case anymore!
  • FOB. I still have Feet on Bunk time every day after work. Naps are a necessity in my life.
  • Laundry. We could of course wash clothes in the sink at camp, but we had to hang them to dry. Same thing here. We have an LG high efficiency washer and dryer in one. Do not ever buy one. I repeat. Do not ever buy one. Our landlord and the LG repairman say we’re crazy, but the machine does not dry clothes. And it takes 4 hours to complete a cycle. Efficient?
  • Screaming mimis. Our neighbors in the main house have 5 little boys who play outside all day long. So while there’s no Alpha & Omega wars going on, there’s no shortage of trampoline jumping, slip ‘n sliding, or LARPing on any given day.


  • I no longer have to sleep on a bunk bed…or with 10 other girls.
  • Camp GA (Garage Apartment) is missing a swimming pool and a blob.
  • We have to cook our own meals…and nobody sings “Get your elbows off the table” because we don’t have room for a table.
  • The cabins at T Bar M are way bigger than any room in Camp GA, but we find it’s very cozy.
  • I don’t get to play golf every day.

If you’re looking for a summer camp in Texas for your kids, T Bar M Sports Camp is awesome! They also have a camp on Lake Travis, but I’m not much for sleeping in a tent, so it wasn’t my cup of tea. Please don’t send them to Camp GA. We’re at capacity.

Where did you go to summer camp? What do you miss most about it?




2 thoughts on “How our garage apartment is like summer camp

  1. I still have nightmares about my summer camp. Granted I was in 1st or 2nd grade and traumatized to be away from home for the first time, but still…oh the stories. Needless to say, I never did summer camp again. (Unless you count cheer camp.) 😉

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