New Orleans Marriott Hotel / Review

I didn’t have anything to do with the hotel choice, and I’m glad because there are so many to choose from, and I don’t know very much about the city. So hopefully this little review will help you in case you’re trying to choose a hotel in New Orleans.

We stayed at the Marriott at 555 Canal Street.

Photo is from Marriott website


  • From the airport, it was about a 25 minute taxi ride, which ended up costing $33.
  • It was easy to find since it’s right on Canal.
  • It’s in a nice central location, and there are lots of things to do within walking distance (Bourbon Street, Harrah’s, Jackson Square, French Market).
  • There’s a trolley stop a couple blocks away (this could be true for every hotel, I didn’t look at the trolley map).
  • Nice outdoor pool, but get there early to reserve chairs.
  • Accommodating hotel staff that let us switch rooms.
  • Large lobby bar.
  • Starbucks inside the hotel.
  • Comfy beds with white duvets (I only stay at hotels with white duvets).
  • Clean rooms.


  • It took 20 minutes to check in (with no line) because the person who made the reservation spelled E’s name incorrectly.
  • We got a room on the pool floor, on the corner of the ice machine, laundry center, elevators, and door to the pool. In addition, the cocktail bar was set up directly in front of our window. So it can be very noisy depending upon the room you get. The elevator beeps loudly several times, so ask for a room far far away from it.
  • Elevators took FOR-ev-ERRRR. No exaggeration. I sometimes waited 20 minutes for an elevator. It was ridic.


  • Be sure to look at a map before you head up to your room. I wish I’d remember this tip just once.
  • Bring your own cooler to the pool. There was a cocktail bar set up, but a mini water was $4. Ouch.
  • Bring your own water in general. The bottles in the room are $4.
  • If you want a quick breakfast, bring oatmeal packets and head down to Starbucks for a cup of hot water. Once it was free, and once it was 27 cents. Either way, it was cheaper than the Starbucks oatmeal.

Overall, it was a good experience. I think the elevator problems mostly had to do with it being a holiday weekend (and the Astrology Conference was being held there), and the bad room location was totally my fault (I’m cursed with getting the room next to the elevator). Would I stay at the Marriott again? Yes. Would I look around and see how other hotels compare? Yes. Tell me about your hotel experiences in NOLA!



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