NOLA: Day 2

E had me up bright and early to have breakfast at The Camellia Grill. It was a short (and steamy) walk from our hotel. We got there about 9:45 am, and waited inside. There were 4 of us, but we split up into groups of 2 so we could eat faster. The wait wasn’t long, and it was fun to watch all of the action. There aren’t tables, just counter seating that winds around the whole restaurant. It looks like a ’50s diner inside, and the cooks/servers are fun and entertaining.

I ordered the veggie omelette with grits, and E ordered an omelette, I’m sure with lots of meat in it, but I can’t really remember.

It’s definitely a place to go for the experience…and if heart disease doesn’t run in your family.

I could barely breathe after that breakfast, but we had some exploring to do. The architecture is so beautiful. We walked to Jackson Square and to the French Market. There’s lots of food and little trinkets at the market. We got some pralines, and they were delicious. It was pretty crowded, and someone got pickpocketed right in front of us, so hold on to your purses or wallets if you go (isn’t that true everywhere in New Orleans?). It gets stifling hot towards the middle of the market, so I was ready for a dip in the pool after that!

For dinner, we walked over to Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse. First of all, I’d like to say, they make a mean cosmopolitan. We had a party of 11 and split up again to get seated. Great food, great wine, and great company. It was definitely my favorite meal of the trip!

After dinner, we listened to the Iguanas play at the JW Marriott.

Their music was a little too mellow to keep us awake, so we soon headed out to Bourbon Street. You know the scene from Slumdog Millionaire when the boy falls into the hole of poop? Imagine what that smelled like, and that’s Bourbon Street. Not really my scene, but I think we found the one semi-quiet bar, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar, and sitting on the patio was a nice change of pace from fighting the crowds on Bourbon Street.

Have you been to any of these places? Did you have a different experience?




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