Houston, TX

Seriously SPECtacular.

Throwing a party? Looking for some gourmet snacks, or perhaps a huge beer selection? Go to SPEC’s in Midtown. I realize I’m probably way behind the rest of Houston for never checking out this liquor superstore, but I finally went, and it was spectacular. Think your neighborhood SPEC’S compares? Not at all.

When you first walk in, you’re almost knocked over by the mouthwatering smell of garlic bread baking. There are loads of fresh-baked breads lining the entrance. Then, there’s a case full of chocolate truffles. I snagged the dark chocolate, pomegranate, and pecan praline truffles. You have to decide to go straight, and hit up all the food, or go left and browse the aisles and aisles of alcohol. I went for the food. SPEC’s actually had a nice produce aisle with fresh veggies and an olive bar. Right behind that, you hit the gluten-free jackpot! I found a package of gluten-free crabcakes, and I couldn’t have been more excited! This package of two was $8.00, and they were rather large.

We cooked them last night, and they were actually pretty good.

Also in the cooler was a package of frozen chocolate chip cookies from Immaculate Baking Company. I’ve seen their products at Whole Foods and Central Market, and I love their packaging and their concept, but nothing I had seen was gluten free. They must have known I was hoping they’d make a gluten free product soon because they’re now at SPEC’S! Frozen dough that you bake is almost as good as homemade. I’ll have to go back soon because I was feeling guilty about the truffles, and didn’t buy the dough. But if you’re throwing a party and have one of those high maintenance gluten-free guests, know that you can find tons of options here.

There’s also an enormous cheese selection! They had my favorite- asiago with olive oil and rosemary. Go early in the day, and there are samples everywhere. Next to the cheese is a large case of meats. E got a steak. It was already spiced up when he got it, and it was soooo good!

Next we headed around to the alcohol section. I didn’t need anything, but I’d like to go back and browse their wine selection. E picked up a few specialty beers. Maybe he’ll do a guest post if you’re lucky!




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