Why Women Love Christian Grey.

If you are a woman, and you haven’t read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, find yourself a copy ASAP. You don’t even need to be embarrassed about reading it in public because you are the only one left who hasn’t read it. A friend of mine first suggested it because we both shared an obsession with the Twilight series (I am NOT ashamed), and she said it was similar…but better. Well I was bored, so it was my first iPad bookstore purchase. About half way through, I debated putting it down and not ever reading it again. I was shaken. It was weird. But I didn’t want to waste $10, so I kept reading, trying to keep an open mind. When it ended, a screen popped up and asked if I wanted to buy the rest of the trilogy. What!? I was so mad! I didn’t have time to read two more. Oh, but I made time. It seriously sucked me in.

It’s obviously been very controversial, mainly because it’s men taking a wonderful adult fairy tale and complaining about how a woman can get whatever she wants if she sleeps with a guy. Wha wha wha. If you get over that part, both characters are really very easy to love.

Aside from his wealth and good looks, here’s why women are falling in love with Christian Grey:

  • When Ana falls face first into his office, he politely helps her up, and doesn’t make fun of her.
  • His impassive stare.
  • After their first date, he knows exactly how Anastasia likes her tea. (He pays attention!!)
  • He uses the most delicious body wash and always smells amazing.
  • When he’s prematurely introduced as Ana’s boyfriend, he doesn’t get flustered or act weird.
  • He doesn’t kiss and tell.
  • He has a doctor that comes to see Anastasia at home. How convenient.
  • Christian protects Ana…and hires backup when he’s not available.
  • He could have any woman in the world, and he ignores all of them except Ana.
  • Even though he’s busy running his very successful company, he always takes the time to take her calls and to reply to her emails.
  • He owns a spa, and Ana can have free spa treatments whenever she wants.
  • In every situation he commands the room, and he always takes care of business.
  • He dresses appropriately for every occasion, and he always looks hot.
  • Christian always makes Anastasia feel special and beautiful.
  • Ana gets her own personal shopper at Neiman Marcus, and everything magically appears in her closet.
  • Right off the bat, Christian wants his mother to meet Anastasia…and she likes her!
  • Christian encourages Ana to go shopping and spend lots of money.

I could go on all day long, but I think it’s getting very apparent that he’s just our adult version of Prince Charming (who doesn’t exist). However, I’m still going to look for Mr. Grey. Relax, E is coming with me.

We need some suggestions for what to do in Seattle, where to stay (The Heathman is booked), and most importantly, where to eat. Any and all tips are welcome!




4 thoughts on “Why Women Love Christian Grey.

  1. I work in a bookstore and I can assure all the women out there that there is no shame in reading this book in public because women (and alot of men actually) are buying this book. We sell thousands of copies a week, and I work in a pretty small town… I would say 9 out of 10 people have a copy of this book. That 1 person out of the 10 just hasn’t got to the bookstore yet =)

      • i live in Johannesburg South Africa. I first read the trilogy (downloaded on the Net) and then bought the books because I want to keep them forever. I have re-read the entire trilogy for a second time and it’s amazing how much I have missed. I will be re-reading these a 3rd time … very soon.
        I can’t wait for the movie … who do you think would do Christian Grey justice????

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