Houston, TX

Coolest Restroom in Houston:

I also consider myself a restroom aficionado. My enthusiasm began as a child, when I had dinner at the Petroleum Club. I remember running back to the table, and I couldn’t express in words how wonderful the restrooms were! Ever since, I’ve been on the hunt to find a better restroom. I wouldn’t say the restrooms at Américas are finer than the Petroleum Club’s, but they are, by far, the coolest I’ve seen yet.

When you walk to the restroom area, there are four doors for men and only one for women. That’s because when you open the women’s door, you’re forced to walk through this dark mirrored hallway, and then there are six individual restrooms. Kind of cool, kind of spooky (if you got trapped in a fun house as a kid).

And then you enter into the Coolest Restroom in Houston.

Check out the eyeball mirror. And I love that sink. Very clean. Very private. What more could you ask for?

Be sure to make a stop if you’re eating at Américas (in River Oaks).




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