Houston, TX


In elementary, I just had to ace my spelling tests. When delicatessen came up on my list of words to study, I almost had a meltdown. I was spending the weekend with my dad, and everyone knew spelling was not his strength. I thought I was doomed. Do you think he kept us inside studying all weekend? Nope, he said, “I want to take you to my favorite delicatessen. That way, you can remember how to spell it.” So we drove across town to Nielsen’s Delicatessen.

That had to of been 20 years ago. I brought E there recently, and it didn’t look like anything had changed. It’s so old school. You can order any kind of sandwich you want, and they also have amazing potato salad and cole slaw (they use homemade mayo). I had a dixie cup full of tuna, and it was just how I like it- a tiny bit of celery (easy enough to pick out), onions, and pickles.

Most people just grab their white lunch sack and go, but I suggest snagging a stool and eating there. It’s fun to watch the cute old people from the neighborhood come in all dressed up.

You can find Nielsen’s on Richmond at Mid Lane (near the Galleria).



P.S.- I got a 100 on the spelling test.


3 thoughts on “d.e.l.i.c.a.t.e.s.s.e.n.

  1. I will never forget that spelling test. I don’t know how many times I still say “deli-cat-essen” to remember!

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