Houston, TX

the BOOM BOOM room

The Boom Boom Room. What a spectacular name. It leaves so much to the imagination. Is it a dance club? Is it a swingers club? I had my thoughts several times while passing down Yale Street. It’s in an old building, painted lime green with bright blue trim. They advertise in the magazine with the other Heights restaurants, and they pride themselves on their excellent paninis, so I figured it couldn’t be that weird inside…

It’s not weird at all! It’s absolutely lovely inside. While it is very dark, it’s easy to see they pay attention to details. There is a beautiful chandelier hanging above the large circular table when you first walk inside. Couches line one wall with comfy upholstered chairs opposite the couches. Tables and chairs fill the middle, and there’s always the bar if that’s more your style. Each table has a pretty vase filled with fresh-cut flowers.

If that wasn’t enough, they have specialty champagne cocktails for $7! We will definitely be going back soon!




2 thoughts on “the BOOM BOOM room

  1. This place sounds interesting. Where on yale is this place? What’s the closest cross street. I could probably ask a friend of mine who seems to know all the bars but just in case. I used to work at the corner of Yale and 610 in a little gray building by the Burger King. I’m sure you know where I’m talking about.

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