Houston, TX

We’ll sit on the patio.

It is getting H-O-T in Houston. While it’s been in the mid-90s during the day, it actually feels pretty nice at night. And guess what? Downhouse has just opened up their patio for your summertime (evening) enjoyment!

I saw them putting in the patio last week when I was there for breakfast, and I couldn’t wait to try it out. We went for a girls’ dinner, on the perfect night (half price bottles of wine), and it was wonderful. There was a breeze blowing through, and they have large fans installed so it was very comfortable. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and we got to chat with the friendly owner (who is a former high school chemistry teacher, which explains the large periodic table inside).

That’s the mussels on the left and the green salad with chicken breast on the right. I also had the mussels. They were big and meaty and delicious smothered in the sauce.

So if you’re near the Heights and looking to spend the evening on a great patio, be sure to check out Downhouse!




4 thoughts on “We’ll sit on the patio.

  1. I just called them about maybe having a book club meeting there. She told me that had a room big enough to hold 12 folks. It just might work when we have a smaller turn out. I hope I get to go try it out. thanks for sharing

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