Houston, TX

Dry Creek Breakfast

We had breakfast this morning at one of my favorite places. If you haven’t tried this little gem for breakfast, put it on your to-do list! Dry Creek is in an old gas station, and it’s got the cutest patio lined with gorgeous flowers and filled with rustic charm.

I’ve already written about some excellent chai tea lattes, I’ve had, but Dry Creek’s blows all other chai teas out of the water! It was so creamy and silky smooth. It was sweet and a tad spicy and the best I’ve had yet.

Back in my gluten-full days, the waffles and the granola with fruit were my favorite breakfast options. Today I had the fried egg sammich (minus the bread), mainly because I’ve been craving fried eggs. E had the el burro stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese, hash nuggets, and avocado.

It’s BYOB, so be sure to bring your own champagne on the weekends for some mimosas! Where’s your favorite weekend breakfast spot?



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