Breakfast in Seattle

Seattle was everything I imagined it would be (from my extensive knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy, Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight). Please keep reading! The food was outstanding, the people were a little weird, the scenery was gorgeous, and the weather was unpredictable. We stayed a couple blocks from Pike Place Market, which was the perfect location, since that was the only place we had planned to see. Our first morning there was a Monday, and we got an early start, so the market wasn’t too crowded. We were both getting hungry looking at all the food, so all it took was one look at the Lowell’s Special board to decide that’s where we were going to eat.

E ordered the special:

And I had the dungeness crab omelet:

They put HUGE chunks of crab in the omelet, and it tasted so fresh! The salmon in E’s omelet was so fresh and flavorful too. We ordered at the counter on the first floor, and they have seating on the first and third floors. They also offer table service on the second floor. Each floor looks out on the water, so everyone has a great view.

The next morning it was pretty chilly, and the rain started on our walk to breakfast. We quickly ducked into Café Champagne. It was cozy, French, simple, and delicious.

Our last morning in Seattle the weather was perfect. The air was crisp and clean, and the sun was shining. We took a nice little walk to Lola for breakfast. Again, it was a very simple meal, and it was by far my favorite breakfast!

I ordered the Lola breakfast: 2 eggs, bacon, garlic smashed potatoes and toast (it was painful to not eat it). E ordered the pancakes with vanilla mascarpone (amazing!!) and sausage.

A big thanks to everyone who gave us restaurant suggestions, especially Mark & Ashley. You can check out their cute Seattle blog here.




2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Seattle

  1. Okay I may get fat well fatter just by reading about all the good food you find to eat. ;o). I’d like to see Oregon myself. My daughter went with the womens water polo team from Texas A & M about 3 years ago and took her picture in front of the waterfall in Twilight. I’d like to check out the beautiful sights myself.
    Love your blog.

    • Carla- thanks so much for the sweet comment! I assure you my blog is fat free 🙂 Oregon does look beautiful…I’d love to see all the Twilight places!

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