Fifty Shades of Seattle

Our first morning in Seattle, it was cloudy and a bit chilly. Good thing I had my polka dot North Face jacket! We walked uphill a few short minutes and ended up at the bustling Pike Place Market. It’s a rather large farmers market filled with all kinds of goodies. There were tons of bakeries, flower stands, fish markets, fruit and vegetable stands, and restaurants specializing in all kinds of cuisines from Greek to Mexican to Italian. We didn’t ever catch them throwing the fish, but one guy caught me eyeing the crab, and in two seconds he cracked a claw and handed me a big juicy crab claw sample.

Peonies were only $2 per stem! We even found some gluten free baked goods at Cinnamon Works. I got the lemon zest blueberry scone and the monster cookie. The scone was delicious, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the cookie. It was just a little too butterscotchy for me. They have the ingredients for each item written below, but they look like notecards from my grandma’s recipe box, and you really can’t read it. Next time I’d go for the brownie.

We also made our way to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. You can see them making the cheese if you get there early enough and can see through the crowds. They don’t offer anything gluten free on their cafe menu, but they do have a frozen gluten free mac ‘n cheese for sale.

Next stop was taking the ultimate tourist photos in front of Starbucks.

However, the line was too long, so we popped into Local Color, a nearby coffee shop, for a hot drink. E & I both agreed that the drinks we had at Local Color were much better than the same drinks from Starbucks. And they had pretty artwork up for sale!

Since the sun started to come out, we decided to walk across town to do some shopping. The Nordstrom is five stories!!

Our second day in Seattle, the rain started coming down pretty hard, and it was cold. We walked around the market a little bit, but I wanted to spend most of the day inside. We caught a ride to the Space Needle and got to see, as the numerous tour guides told us, a very authentic Seattle day. Obviously, it was very touristy. It’s $19 per person to get to the top. Since it was raining, we didn’t get a great view, but we could see most of the downtown buildings.

Did you know…the home from the Jetsons was modeled after the Space Needle? Well you learn something new every day! There’s also a famous glass museum that’s on the same grounds as the Space Needle. You can get a double ticket for $33, but we opted not to.

Our last day in Seattle was absolutely gorgeous. There was a brisk breeze, a blue sky, and the sun was out bright. We walked about eight blocks to breakfast, then we went back to the hotel at sat by the fire pit at the pool and enjoyed the view.

We got to experience all variations of Seattle weather, and each day it was beautiful. This was my first vacation not to plan, and I have to say, it was wonderful not having anything planned! Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite thing to do in Seattle?




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