Four Seasons Spa | Seattle Deep Forest Bliss

While in Seattle, I was able to squeeze in a little time at the spa at the Four Seasons. I checked in 30 minutes before my treatment so I could sit in the steam room and snag some treats in the relaxation lounge. The young ladies at the check-in desk were really sweet, and I got a quick tour of the facilities. Beautiful locker room, huge steam room, and I only saw one other person the entire time I was there!

While in the relaxation lounge, I sat in a comfy chair and cuddled up under a warm blanket. I also had some hot tea and an assortment of dried fruits. Very relaxing! Then it was time for my signature treatment, the Deep Forest Bliss. All the treatments sounded amazing, but I chose the Deep Forest Bliss because of the scents of the oils they use, and I had never tried scalp elixir.

For the massage, their deep forest body oil with balsam fir and white pine was used. Then I had a peppermint and tea tree foot treatment. And finally, my therapist massaged the wild lime scalp elixir into my hair. Since I have really thick hair, it didn’t feel like it was really penetrating. But it did! It smelled delicious and made my hair super soft, but it also took eight washes for my hair not to look greasy. I was a little disappointed because it was our last night in Seattle, and my hair had been looking awesome without humidity, and I had to wear it in a bun our last night. Oh the prices we pay for beauty.

When my Deep Forest Bliss was over, I was handed some water and a surprise chocolate! Then I actually looked over and noticed the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city and the water. Gorgeous view. I felt even more relaxed when I saw the bustling city below, and I was in a quiet and tranquil room.

My body and brain were such mush after the Deep Forest Bliss (coupled with the total changing when they applied my $25 coupon), I moved the wrong decimal over, and ended up tipping less than 10%. And when I thought about the math a couple days later and called back to add more to the tip, the woman that I spoke to was so nice and understanding. The Four Seasons Spa is just as luxurious as the rest of the hotel, and I recommend trying out any of their signature treatments for the ultimate Seattle experience!




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