Seattle Seafood Dinners

Seattle served us some excellent seafood! Our first (and my favorite) dinner was at the Steelhead Diner. It has a casual, diner vibe, and the food is top notch.

I had the best salmon dish of my life! It was the Grilled Alaskan Ivory Salmon with port-soaked cherries, almonds, and polenta in a rosemary brown-butter sauce. Mmmm.

E ordered the Grilled Double R Ranch Ribeye Steak. It was yummy too!

And we finished off the meal with some excellent desserts! I’m a sucker for Flourless Chocolate Cake (those are cherries on the side), and E had the S’mores Sundae.

That’s Marshmallow Fluff on top, not whip cream!

Monday night, we had reservations at The Pink Door. We got there at 8:00 pm for our 8:30 pm reservation and took a seat in the bar.

I told the hostess and our cocktail waitress we had 8:30 reservations, but there was still “some confusion,” and our table wasn’t ready until 8:55. That was the day we skipped lunch. I was not a happy camper. To top it off, the main reason I made reservations at The Pink Door was because they have a trapeze artist performing during dinner. Where else will you see that!? Well the timing ended up working out because we snagged the table right under the hoop on which the trapeze artist performed.

It was awesome! The restaurant has dark lighting, and it’s very romantic.

They also offer gluten free options, and they actually grilled the gluten free bread with olive oil. I’ve never had a restaurant do that before.

I was sold as soon as I saw the dungeness crab risotto, but E still wasn’t ready for seafood. He ordered the spicy Italian sausages.

We were both so full, we had to skip dessert that night. The food was great, but I will say, the service was poor. Everyone I encountered was snotty, and our server didn’t make eye contact with me the entire dinner. Service really makes a dinner for me, and The Pink Door failed.

For our last dinner in Seattle, we walked down the steps from our hotel to the waterfront. Our reservations were at Elliot’s Oyster House.

Honestly, when I saw the front of the deserted-looking restaurant, I asked E if we could go somewhere else. We decided to take a walk along the pier and check out the view first. It was then that we realized the front part is like a take-out café, and the actual restaurant was packed.

Since we were a little early, we sat at the bar and waited for our table.

Elliott’s has a lively atmosphere with beautiful views, and our server was really friendly and knowledgeable.

E started with a sample of oysters and then had the blackened halibut with sweet potato-crab hash.

And I finally ordered the cioppino, which is a seafood stew. It was calling my name on every menu in Seattle, but I was afraid it would be too spicy for me. Our waitress did say it was a little spicy, but I didn’t taste any kick. It was a huge bowl filled with broth and huge chunks of seafood and crab claws. Yum!

E loved the halibut so much, he decided to go on a meatless diet for a week. It lasted one day, but that still says a lot about how good the fish was!




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