Houston, TX

Throwin’ on the Wheel

I’m constantly looking for new things to learn about, and learning how to throw clay on a wheel has been at the top of my list for quite some time. It always looked so relaxing to me, and it really is! Since I had some time on my hands this summer, I finally decided to sign up for the adult beginner class at Foelber Pottery in Montrose.

John and Judy are the wonderful married couple that own the studio and teach the pottery classes. Both use different teaching methods, and both are great. My session was five weeks long, and we met once a week for two hours. Each class we learned a new technique.

For obvious reasons, I couldn’t take photos while working on the wheel, but here are my five pieces:

By week four, we were ready to glaze the pottery:

Week five, we partied and ooogled everyone’s finished pieces. Here are mine:

And we participated in a Raku firing:

If it’s something you’re interested in doing, they also offer children’s classes, special events, and adult intermediate classes. They also operate a gallery, and they sell gorgeous pieces at affordable prices! Click here for their contact info.




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