Houston, TX

From Gluten Free to Gluten Full…for a day.

My decision to go gluten free was based on a number of reasons, none of which I can fully articulate to make anyone in my life understand. However, I know I feel better when I eat gluten free, so that’s really all that matters. It’s been three years since my friends at Dillberg Integrated Healthcare suggested I try it. Yes, it is difficult, and yes, eating gluten free absolutely makes me feel much better. Enough to sacrifice delicious baked goods that I love so much.

However, I’m no saint. So when my doctor called and told me I had to eat gluten for two days so they could get an accurate celiac disease panel, I was happy to comply. To be honest, I had been going through some major gluten withdrawals. Maybe it was all the amazing-looking bakeries we saw in Seattle, maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it’s just been long enough that I forgot how it makes me feel. But I wanted a donut bad. Not a gluten free one.

If you’re gluten free, you understand. If you’re not, you probably don’t. There are certain foods that can be made gluten free and still be great, but others have no replacement. Have you ever seen a gluten free croissant (if so, please let me know where!)? Anyone who’s eating gluten free has a list of foods they seriously miss. So what did I do on my gluten free vacation? I indulged in every single one from my miss list. All in the name of research. Disgusting, I know.

On our way home from Austin, we stopped at Hruska’s on Highway 71. This place is epic. They make the most delicious kolaches ever! The bread was sweet and puffy and it complimented the salty sausage and cheese inside. I almost choked I ate it so fast. I know, I’m not proud. Then I stole a chocolate chip and pecan cookie that I had bought for E.

Next on the list: pizza. We went to Star Pizza for dinner. But we didn’t just have pizza, we had garlic cheesy bread too. I forgot how much a thick crust pizza will fill you up. I had two pieces and was stuffed. It was alright. I didn’t want to eat the crust, which is usually my favorite part. Nothing I’d cheat for again, but then again, I’m sure my tastes have changed.

Pizza wasn’t enough, so we raced across the neighborhood to make it to Liberty Kitchen before they closed for the night. We shared a chocolate and toasted marshmallow shake. So good. Yet so bad.

The next morning I talked E into going to Croissant Brioche, this little French bakery in Rice Village, to have the most wonderful chocolate croissant that I dream about. It was just as good as I remembered.

Seriously full and feeling pretty nasty, I still had one gluten item on my wish list to have one last taste. The fried egg sandwich from Max’s Wine Dive. If you’ve never tried it, you have to. The bread is soaked in oil and toasted crisp. Sandwiched between that tasty bread are fried eggs, bacon, lettuce, tomato, gruyére, and black truffle aioli. It was also every bit as amazing as I remembered it.

So there’s my list. I’m done. The test is over, yet no matter what the results, I’m staying gluten free. I can save these memories of my favorite foods, and remain gluten free. Aside from the obstacle of eating out, I like eating gluten free. I know I’ll have to repeat myself a thousand more times about what has gluten and what doesn’t, and endure more eye rolling when trying to find a suitable restaurant with a group, but it’s worth it to feel good. If you eat gluten free, what’s on your miss list? Stay strong!



3 thoughts on “From Gluten Free to Gluten Full…for a day.

  1. I miss baked-goods and good granola bars. The gluten-free kind just don’t cut it.

    Oh the joys of being gluten-free! Totally jealous of your gluten-free vacation!

    • I’ve found some good recipes from blogs, but they’re so hit-or-miss. I had spending the money on the ingredients, and then not liking it! Let me know if you find a good granola bar recipe!

  2. I have friends who eat glutten free I’ll have to ask them about some recipes for ya. Next month I’m going on a quilt retreat and someone going is glutten free. I had just heard of glutten free eating in the last 2 years. I guess I’ve been under a rock. ;o)

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