Houston, TX

Gluten Free Afternoon Tea

So I’ve wanted to have Afternoon Tea at the St. Regis for years! Despite numerous attempts, the timing hasn’t worked out to go with anyone, so yesterday I thought, why not go by yourself? I made a reservation for one, and I’m so glad I did! Every minute was absolutely delightful.

When I walked in, I immediately understood why it’s so difficult to get a reservation! The tea lounge only has room for about 20 people. I was greeted right away and shown to my table.

Isn’t it precious? The windows were fogged up because of the rain, but they look out to a patio full of plants and a fountain. My request for gluten free was confirmed, and I was given two teas to sniff that my server recommended. I chose the St. Regis Blend to have with my tea sandwiches, and their new Passion Fruit Vanilla tea to have with my scone and dessert.

The tea and sandwiches were delicious! Clockwise: smoked salmon with caper egg salad with dill, cucumber and baby watercress, cured Bresola beef and provolone cheese, and aged gruyere cheese with roasted peppers. All the sandwiches had great flavor.

A different server brought my second tea and scone. Doesn’t that scone look AMAZING? It was!! Instead of the scone consistency I was expecting, it was more like a breakfast biscuit. Flaky and buttery and just to die for.

About halfway through, I started thinking, there is no way this is gluten free and tastes this good. Yes, there had been a mistake. The sweet lady was very apologetic and offered to bring me a gluten free scone so that I could taste it.

Looks like a hockey puck, right? Okay wonderful people at the St. Regis, I can bake you tasty gluten free scones. Let me know. This one was treacherous. I do appreciate the fact that you let the gluten free people have most of the same options as the wheat eaters, but there needs to be a new scone recipe.

After the scone, I tried to dig in to that rich chocolate mousse confection, but I didn’t get very far. After six cups of tea and my first two courses, I was stuffed to the max! But I boxed it up, and brought E a surprise. I did scope out some of the other tables, and they got three small pastries instead of the chocolate. You can also see the harpist in the background. The two young girls next to me were celebrating a birthday, and the harpist played “Happy Birthday” for them.

What a fabulous and relaxing afternoon! I’m so thrilled that I was finally able to try out the St. Regis Afternoon Tea, and I highly recommend it!



P.S.- Valet parking is free if you’re having tea!


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