Houston, TX

We Survived the Titanic!

Raise your hand if you loved Titanic the movie. I did! And when I heard the Titanic exhibit was at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, I was dying to go. My only hesitation was that the tickets are $27. However, when I was browsing the library yesterday, I found a $12 off coupon! It was meant to be.

So much to look at outside of museums! I will tell you parking is cray cray, and we sat in a non-moving line to get into the parking garage for several minutes before I saw someone leave on the street. Quickly, I used my very rusty, Savannah parallel parking skills, and snagged a spot on the street. It’s $1.50/hour for street parking and $5.00 for garage parking. We headed in and got our tickets.

FABULOUS exhibit!! I’ve never enjoyed one more. Each room takes you to a different time, place and mood with the lighting and sound. There were loads of artifacts and true stories of passengers who both lived and died. I actually teared up a little at the end.

One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was the boarding pass that we each received in the beginning. It gives you your story for the exhibit and at the end, you get to see if you lived or died. I was from Paris with a 2nd class ticket. E had a third class ticket. I lost my husband, but luckily, E survived so we could end up together!

Have you been to any great museum exhibits lately? Let me know if there’s another one I need to see!




2 thoughts on “We Survived the Titanic!

  1. Loved the Titanic. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it.
    Don’t know that I’ll make it to the museum but it looks and sounds cool.

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