Houston, TX

Lunch Date: The Raven Grill

I’ve driven by The Raven Grill hundreds of times, and I’ve always desperately wanted to stop, but I’ve never had the time. Well, we finally had time before our culture day at the museum. Lunch date!

The Raven Grill is just as charming inside as it is outside. It’s nestled in between houses on Bissonnet, near the Medical Center and the Museum District. I highly recommend making time for lunch or dinner if you’re in the area.

We went around 2 pm, so the lunch crowd had passed. Normally, the place is packed around lunch and dinner, and their tiny parking lot is full. There’s a flower-filled patio on the side, but it was raining, so we sat inside.

The inside smells delicious, like smoked wood. I had the fish tacos, which had a bunch of phenomenal, fresh flavors goin’ on, and E had the gigantic spinach salad with grilled chicken.

All of their desserts are made fresh next door, at Picnic, and I couldn’t resist. E thought we were sharing the flourless chocolate cake, but I snuck in an order of the cheesecake of the day- cranberry orange. The desserts were amazing!! Especially mixing the two. The rich chocolate was cut by the fluffy, citrusy cheesecake. Scrumdidiliumptious.

The service was a bit slow, but we were in no hurry. It was every bit as wonderful as I had imagined it would be, all those times I passed it by. Where’s your favorite place for a lunch date?



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