Have a SWEET Friday!

TGIF. If you’re looking to reward yourself for a job well done this week, I have just the place! Petite Sweets is a cute dessert boutique in Upper Kirby. I went around 5 pm the other day, and the place was swarming with women looking to satisfy their sweet cravings.

They have a case full of cupcakes, cake stands piled high with fresh cookies, frozen custard and gelato, and rows and rows of colorful, gluten free macarons!

I tried five (oops!) different flavors, and thought I died and went to Heaven after tasting the salty caramel macaron. Normally, I don’t care for salted caramels, but the sweet and salty together did a little dance in my mouth! I also tried the vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and mint chocolate chip ones.

Petite Sweets is on W. Alabama, just west of Kirby. They have their own lot, so you can swing in and out. How convenient!

How do you reward yourself on Friday?  Have a great one!




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