New Series! Product of the Week: TOMMY’S!

Since I find new goodies all the time while grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I’ve decided to do a Product of the Week Series. It’s no secret that items at Whole Foods can be a little pricey (E likes to call it “Whole Paycheck”), so hopefully these posts will help you out if you’re on the fence about a purchase, or introduce you to something new.

Product(s) of the Week:

TOMMY’S! rub and salsa.

E ran into Tommy one afternoon in Whole Foods, where he was promoting his new spice rub. Tommy is young, super friendly and quite the salesman. When he saw a margarita mix in our basket, he told us to look out for his mix coming soon. A guy, just doing what he loves. Exactly the type of person I want to support! So we bought the rub, and we put it on pretty much everything – grilled veggies, fish, steak and even eggs. The possibilities are endless! OMG it is good. It’s got simple ingredients that you can pronounce, and it’s gluten free!

Our second TOMMY’S! purchase was the salsa. Fresh and fantastic with a tiny kick (Salsa Roja version). It’s also gluten free!

If you’re not near a Whole Foods in Houston or Austin, you may order items online here.



P.S.- If you want me to try something out and include it in the series, leave me a comment!


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