Houston, TX

Saturday Morning Goodness

Ooooh do I have a treat for you on this sunny Saturday morning! Acting on a marvelous suggestion from my friend Donna, I went to order a tres leches for a Mexican-themed party, and stumbled upon the most wonderful bakery in the Heights.

I started at the cake counter because that’s really what I was there for. The girl who helped me was so patient and let me take my time while choosing the perfect cake. Then she explained all the sizing and prices, and when she took my actual order, I got to choose some more. When you order a tres leches from El Bolillo Bakery, you get to choose the decoration (all were beautiful), between white and mocha icing, the fruit inside the cake, and they’ll add a ribbon on top with whatever message you want. Easy as that! I CANNOT wait to see it.

But there’s more! The place was buzzing with people popping in for some Saturday morning goodness. Everyone seemed to know what to do – grab a tray, and load it up!

The manager urged me to sample anything I wanted so I could tell y’all all about it, but I decided I’d save my gluten cheat moment for the tres leches. All the pastries and breads were stacked in these pretty wooden cabinets, and everything looked amazing.

Are you drooling yet? I had to get outta there before I ate everything in sight.

I went to El Bolillo on Airline, and they have two other locations in Houston. They’re open every day from 5 am to 10 pm. Yum! Anyone been to the Farmers Market on Airline? I want to try that next!




3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Goodness

  1. Next time over that direction I’m gonna have to check the place out. I used to work on Yale but that’s been a while back. Wow I’m drooling looking at your pictures.
    Farmers market is great. I haven’t been in a long time but I loved buying the fresh produce. Take cash. At the time I went most of the vendors only took cash.

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