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LDawg’s Houstonian Birthday

E’s family came into town this weekend, and we got to celebrate his sister’s birthday with everyone! Since they were staying at the Houstonian, we started the weekend off at the hotel bar before dinner Friday night.

Best skinny rita I’ve ever had! Also, if you’re just going to the bar, valet parking is free. All of our visitors were craving some Houston Mexican food, so we headed over to El Tiempo on Washington  to have dinner.

The bar area was packed with people waiting for tables, but we must have had the magic number because we were seated immediately. Everyone loved it. It was the first time I’d had the fish tacos (really just one because they’re huge) there, and it was delicious.

Saturday morning, the guys headed to the golf course, and the ladies staked claim on some chairs at the Houstonian pool. A few hours and a shade darker later, we made our way to the Houstonian’s Trellis spa.

If you’ve never been in the Tranquility Room, you have to! I’d been a dozen times before someone actually told me about it. The room backs up to the Relaxation Room (where everyone waits before their treatment). But the Tranquility Room is so much more fabulous! It’s small and dark, with a fireplace and trickling waterfall, and five chaise lounges, piled with pillows and a blanket. The perfect place to take a nap before or after your treatment! L and I also sat in the Relaxation Room and shared the fruit and cheese plate – lots of yummy cheeses.

Then we got ready for her big birthday dinner at Perry’s. SO much food and everything tasted amazing. We started with oysters, lobster bisque, turtle soup and salads.

Then, there were a lot of different steaks…and a tableside-carved, very impressive pork chop.

We also ordered sides of mushrooms, butternut squash puree, mac n cheese and creamed spinach. But we didn’t stop there…

The dessert trio: praline cheesecake, vanilla bean creme brulee and Grand Marnier chocolate truffle. If you paid me to tell you my favorite, I wouldn’t be able to. They were all mouthwatering, and the flavors were perfect together.

We finished off the weekend at Shade, for brunch in the Heights.

Happy Birthday, LDawg! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.




2 thoughts on “LDawg’s Houstonian Birthday

  1. Man they have opened up all kinds of places since I left the Heights area. Shade?! Cool. Love El Tiempo. They now have one in The Vintage off 249. Haven’t got to eat there yet. But hope to soon.

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