Airporting in Style

E and I had been long-distance dating for about a month when I decided I needed the Continental credit card (for the free checked bags!). It has been totally worth it, and on my one year credit card anniversary, United sent me some flight coupons and two passes to the United Club. Since we arrived at the airport a bit early for our Seattle flight, we decided to stop on in and take advantage of the perks.

The pleasant ladies at the front desk took our coupons and told us where everything was located. We took the escalator up to the second floor, snagged two comfy chairs, and dug in to the free refreshments!

At IAH, they offer water, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate for free. There’s also a full bar. As for the snacks, they have trail mix, cracker mix, yogurt covered raisins, different cheeses, crackers, and carrots and ranch dip. Some healthy options!

Half of the second floor is filled with tables and chairs, and the other half has a theater room and work stations. Free wifi and magazines too! I think it’s around $20 to buy a pass, and you can easily spend that on yucky airport food and a Fiji water, so I would recommend it if you have some extra time before your flight.

Have you been to the United Club in a different city? How was it?




2 thoughts on “Airporting in Style

  1. For me, there are three benefits to the IAH club-butterfly crackers, green apples and showers. Yes, it’s been a while since I partook in a round of word association. As for other United Clubs, NRT’s is huge as well, comes with showers, and at least concedes a few Japanese snacks. SFO’s was just total bunk, at least in the international terminal. EWR’s has showers, a big bar area but like SFO, seems like it gets crowded faster due to its smaller specs than NRT or IAH. ORD, instead of having a password for wi-fi, they give you a wireless card that is good for a one-time use, though valid for x amount of days. Outside of NRT, food options appear a bit more limited.

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