Product(s) of the Week: Burger Night

Happy Wednesday! For the Product of the Week, I was going to focus on these yummy new Kettle Brand chip flavors…

and then I realized our entire meal consisted of items you need to know about!

Sweet Chili Garlic and Roasted Tomato are the new chip flavors, and they are packed with flavor. I also like that they come in these small bags because once I start, I have a hard time stopping.

Why stop there when I can spread the word to my gluten free friends that these hamburger buns almost taste like the real deal?

You want an easy dinner idea? Pre-made sliders from Whole Foods. The meat is hormone and antibiotic free, and a package comes with 8 sliders for around $7.

E likes the ones with cheddar and jalapenos inside, and I like the plain jane ones (with some TOMMY’s on top, of course!). His is below. I know E’s looks much better!

If you have a sweet boy to grill for you, it’s the easiest dinner ever. Yes I know, probably the least healthiest too, but don’t we need that every once in awhile? And I had my veggie servings at lunch. What’s your favorite easy dinner?




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