New Nightstand for Nine Dollars

One summer during college I was feeling creative, and I took decorating my dorm room very seriously. This particular year, I was going with an “Endless Summer” surfer theme. So I found an inexpensive nightstand from Hobby Lobby (that started out black and gold), sanded it and spent forever painting it perfect for my room.

Isn’t is precious? The Gap was only scheduling me four hours a week that summer, so I had a lot of time on my hands. This nightstand hasn’t matched my room since that year in San Marcos Hall, but I didn’t have the heart to paint over it….until yesterday.

I went to Texas Art Supply, found an acrylic paint, a bottle of Gesso to prime it and a couple brushes. Then I made my way to Anthropologie for a new knob. A clearance $2.95 knob!

It was super easy. I painted two coats of Gesso (it takes about 30 minutes to dry), then two coats of the blue and then screwed in the new knob when it was all dry.

The guest room is ready for visitors now! What have you fixed up with paint and made new again?




2 thoughts on “New Nightstand for Nine Dollars

  1. Adorable – love the shade of blue you picked! I have these two old wodden tables with glass tops that my mom get when she was in her 20’s…i adopted them when I went to college and primed them white, painted them black and sanded off the edges to give it tha “worn” look. They now serve as coffe tables on my front porch and unfortunately the paint was not meant for outdoors….they look awful now. You may have just given me the inspiration to finally re-paint them. Along with severak other projects I have on my to-do list! haha

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