1st First Class Flight

When flying to Durham, I used my United award miles. Since the first class ticket was the same amount of mileage as the economy ticket, I of course chose to fly home in style. While I wasn’t 100% in love with the baggage check’s attitude, all of the awful experiences I’ve had with United (since the name change) were pretty much erased.

At first, I didn’t care what the flight was like, I was so happy to skip the TSA security line. What an awesome feeling to get to walk right to the front!  I got to board the plane first – which I normally don’t care for – but they are sure to bring you a drink as soon as you sit down, so time flies by.

The seats were extra cushy, and my bloody mary made take off a piece of cake. As soon as we were in the air, more drinks were offered along with a small dish of salted mixed nuts. I would have been happy with that. Then they came around with a wet hot towel. I watched the people around me to see what to do with it. Everyone did something different, so I just cleansed my hands a little. A short while later, the flight attendant took our dinner order. Dinner?! I haven’t had dinner on a plan since my Hawaii flights, and they were NOT good. I ordered the lentil soup. Other choices were a grilled chicken salad and a cheese panini.

Not too long after that, and after some instruction on how to pull out my tray table, a cloth napkin-lined tray was set down in front of me. It held a delicious smelling soup, real silverware, bread, a bowl of fruit and a wine glass. The flight attendant came around several times to fill up everyone’s wine glasses throughout the flight. I seriously couldn’t believe it. Have I been missing this all my life?

It didn’t stop there. Once I finished my dinner, I realized the man next to me still had television, and he hadn’t payed for it. Free TV too?! I plugged in my headphones and watched a movie for the rest of the flight. Another great reason to fly first class: the people you sit next to. The man I was seated by obviously flew a lot, and after a 30-second convo about how terrible The Lucky One was and our love of the same watchmaker, our conversation was over. Nice.

Sounds pretty wonderful, right? It gets better. When the flight attendant came back around and asked if I wanted something, I shook my head yes even though I didn’t actually hear what he was offering.  A warm chocolate chip cookie! The person across the row also ordered a glass of milk to go with his cookie. E got a sweet little surprise for picking me up from the airport.

That was just a flight a little over two hours. What’s it like on longer flights? Is the extra cost worth it?




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