Houston, TX

Sipping & Shopping

E gets all the credit for finding this cozy hangout. Boomtown Coffee is nestled in between some shops on 19th Street in the Heights. When you walk into Boomtown, you’re greeted with the smell of incense and the sound of reggae music. The local artwork pops against the gray paint on the walls. There’s a mixture of tables and chairs and worn-in leather couches that always seem to be in a different place every time I go.

Boomtown even has a bookshelf full of games and books, in addition to the stacks of current magazines you can find all over the place.

After passing by half a dozen MacBooks, you make your way to the counter to order. The menus are posted on chalkboards, and don’t be shy asking for help. The baristas are more than friendly and will patiently explain everything on the menu for you.

I first tried the milk & honey latte, and found that I like the salted caramel latte much better. E likes the iced coffee.

Every time I’ve gone in, they’ve offered different sweet treats. I got lucky once when they had gluten free financiers!

They also make cheap and delicious breakfast tacos.

To top it off, they have nice, clean restrooms and free Wi-Fi. Now that you’ve relaxed a bit, be sure to check out some of the shops near Boomtown. Next door you can find Bespoke.

Lots of fun artwork, home goods and antiques, and you can choose your own fabric for custom-made pillows, chairs and sofas.

Happy Saturday!




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