Houston, TX

The Mysterious Petrol Station

You won’t find much online about Petrol Station in Garden Oaks. No website or menu posted. But E and I had been wanting to try it, he didn’t feel like cooking and I was craving some meat, so we decided to go.

We walked in to find one empty table inside (there are only five). Once we realized nobody was going to wait on us, we ordered at the counter.

First of all, if your menu is on a chalkboard with no explanation below each item, hire people who are nice enough to explain it. The bartender was covered in tattoos and her hair was held back by a bandana. She wasn’t into a perky Banana Republic-dressed girl with lots of menu questions, to say the least.

We both ordered the pub burger and added garlic and parmesan to our fries.

I ordered mine without the bun, but sweet thang behind the bar must have “forgotten” to write that down. She also looked at me like I had murdered a kitten when I asked if they had ranch. The burgers were tasty, but for $10, I want something special on top… like caramelized onions or fancy cheese.

Overall: okay burger, E says good beer selection, nice patio (in a month or so), but there are enough places like that in Houston that have friendly servers to go along with it. And the bathroom (yes, just one to share) was atrocious. I don’t have any desire to go back. Have you been? How did you like it?



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