Houston, TX

Ladies’ Hearsay Night

I had the special privilege of seeing some lovely ladies and trying out a new restaurant this week! We all met downtown at Hearsay Gastro Lounge for some girl time.

First of all, going downtown is such an adventure for me, and I love it! I love the energy. I don’t even mind having to circle the same block five times, which generally happens. While I was fully intending on valet parking, for safety reasons of course, Hearsay didn’t offer it that night, and Hotel Icon (across the street) charges $12. There ended up being plenty of spots on the street though.

Hearsay has a cool atmosphere. It’s trendy without being pretentious. We had great service, the food was fresh, and the portion sizes were just right.

They even prepared the salmon dish gluten free for me. Extra points!

It was an excellent choice for ladies’ night out. I do recommend getting a reservation because there’s limited seating and the bar area is quite cozy.

Cheers! Delicious cocktails as well. Where’s your favorite place to have dinner with the girls?




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