Date Night: COPPA

After all these years, we finally found a restaurant E didn’t like. He said, “the service was comparable to the car you drive.” I’m sure the escorts who were driving the brand-new BMW got excellent service. In a nutshell, he was not impressed with COPPA and said he will never go back. I however, had a different opinion. The inside is gorgeous with brick arches and a wall lined with wine bottles. We chose to sit outside so we could enjoy the cool(er) weather.

If you sit outside, it feels like a casual, neighborhood restaurant. Inside is much fancier. They have an extensive wine list, but E was not happy with the beer selection.

He had the veal, which he said, “was not worth the price.” It wasn’t as tender as it should have been.

I chose to go with all sides. Since the menu you leaves you blind,  I had an extensive conversation with our server about how every side was prepared. He told me the seasonal vegetable was an eggplant mix, to which I firmly declined wanting anything to do with eggplant. I ordered the parmesan polenta pudding (top right), zucchini, tomatoes and mint (bottom right) and crushed potatoes with lemon olive oil (bottom left). And I got the seasonal vegetables, which were green beans with butternut squash (top left), even though I didn’t really order them. Everything was really was delicious and full of interesting flavors, but still a little overpriced for vegetables.


The milk and cookies dessert was calling my name! It’s served in a small drinking glass to look like cookies being dunked in milk, however, the bottom is really panna cotta. The panna cotta was thick and airy at the same time. I enjoyed it.

E had the tiramisu. He was mad they made it in a cup because “too much of the good stuff stuck to the sides.”

My recommendation: go with your girlfriends for happy hour. Have you been to COPPA? How did you like it?




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