Product of the Week: Merry’s Miracle Tart

Ohhhh my coconut oil. These  chocolately, minty, round tarts of deliciousness are amazing. When I’m lookin’ for a little treat, my basket always finds a Merry’s Miracle tart in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods or Central Market. My favorite is the Chocolate Mint tart, and they also come in Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime and Chocolate.

While it may not look worth $3.49, I assure you with 110% confidence, Merry’s Miracle Tarts are worth it. Plus, the ingredients are super healthy. So why not? These tarts have a whopping total of six ingredients that include: organic maple syrup, Fair Trade dark cocoa, natural raw almond flour (gluten free and low carb), organic virgin coconut oil (helps increase metabolism and energy), organic peppermint oil and sea salt. I don’t do the whole raw and vegan thing, but they are that + gluten free! And that is why Merry’s Miracle tart is the Product of the Week!




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