DIY Adult Fish Costume

For being as creative as I am, I’ve always had a difficult time with Halloween costumes. And they’re never typical-girl-Halloween-sexy. My favorite costume as a child was a pink pig (looooved pigs. had a pet pig.). Problem was…I was a little husky. Not a good idea. In college, my favorite costume was Where’s Waldo. Guess who got hit on? My roommate.

So if you’re looking for sexy costume inspiration, this is not the place. But it’s fun! And comfortable. This costume was inspired by some Pinterest pins and the sites I got to from Pinterest. Even though they were all made for small toddlers, it’s totally adaptable for adult sizes.


  • Hoodie sweatshirt
  • Felt (I used 1/2 yard each of 3 different colors and had lots left over)
  • Googly Eyes (large)
  • Glitter Glue (green, orange, blue)
  • Tacky Glue
  • Batting
  • Sewing Machine, Needle, Thread
  • Pins
  • Manila Folder
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Market (or something to draw on felt)

1. I began by drawing a scale on an old manila folder to use as a pattern. Then I traced about 30 scales on each of the three different colors of felt. It took around 90 scales to cover an adult large hoodie.

2. Next, I cut out the scales and pinned them to the jacket.

3. Then it was time to call Granny…

Check out that Singer! My grandpa gave it to my grandma their first Christmas as a married couple. It’s 63 years old.

She sewed a straight line across at the top of each scale. This step took us about 1.5 hours.

4. To make the fin, I made a pattern out of the manila folder again. I cut two pieces of felt, pinned them together, stuffed with batting, sewed the edges and hand-sewed it to the middle seam on the hood (hardest part).

5. To add a little pizzaz to the scales, I painted glitter on them. I bought the perfect colors. Even though they were not for use on fabric, they still worked!

After awhile, I did give up on the brush and used my finger. Felt is not an easy fabric to paint.

6. Finally, I attached some googly eyes with Tacky Glue on both sides of the hood.

And ta-dah! I’m wearing the fish hoodie with an old Gypsy 05 maxi. The colors worked out perfectly.


  • Hoodie sweatshirt (mine is 2 sizes too big, but it was on clearance!) – $15.00
  • Felt (1.5 yards) – $5.00
  • Googly Eyes – $2.00
  • Glitter Glue (3 different colors) – $6.00
  • Tacky Glue – $1.50
  • Batting (on sale)  – $2.00
  • Pins – $5.00

Total: $36.50

What do you think? Why did I choose to be a fish? E’s going to be a fisherman! What are you going to be for Halloween this year?




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