Rosewood Mayakoba, Oh My!

Looking for a little rest and relaxation, we switched resorts in Mexico for our last few days. Rosewood Mayakoba ended up being the most incredible place I’ve ever stayed.

It takes awhile of driving through a tropical jungle on a windy road before getting to the resort. Upon arrival, we were handed bright green frozen mojitos that were SO refreshing and tasty. Check in was a breeze, and we were soon whisked away to the boat that would take us around the lagoon and to our suite.

When the boat pulled up to the dock, I could barely contain my astonishment/excitement. And then Daniel, our butler, opened the sliding glass doors and came out to greet us and to show us how everything worked.

Places like this exist??!! It was Heaven from the dock, and it only got better.

Our private plunge pool – so I could pull a Kate Middleton.

The bottle of tequila the resort gave us for E’s birthday. Ayayaya!

The biggest bathtub I’ve ever seen! It took an hour to fill it up.

Full-size bath products.

The indoor shower that was never used because we had an outdoor shower too!

Sunroof/ Star gazing roof. Gorg.

Hey, I figured if it’s good enough for my friends Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson and Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s good enough for me. Stay tuned for more! It gets even better.




4 thoughts on “Rosewood Mayakoba, Oh My!

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