Rosewood Mayakoba – Chun

(The beginning)

After picking our jaws up off the suite floor, we decided to grab some lunch. Immediately after stepping foot outside our door, a friendly man in a golf cart swooped us up and drove us across the property to Casa del Lago.

We sat on the patio and enjoyed the pretty as a postcard views. What began as a quick lunch, ended with a rich, chocolately dessert and a glass of champagne. Vacation!

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging around the suite and I even made an appearance in the fitness center.

Our first dinner was at Punta Bonita, the resort’s Mexican restaurant that’s on the beach. It was dark so we couldn’t see the beach, but we could hear the waves crashing right next to us.

E had the ancho pepper and piloncillo glazed wild Chilean salmon, poblano mash potatoes and papaya-black bean salad (Top). I had the vegetable stuffed pepper with rice (Bottom). And the ice cream. Oh my gosh it was SO creamy and flavorful. We had two scoops of chocolate and one cappuccino.

I wouldn’t have ordered dessert had I known we were coming home to these tequila-chocolate truffles. But I had one anyway. Vacation!

We finished the night with a little star gazing. How romantic!




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