Rosewood Mayakoba – Chumuk

(The middle)

I woke up early our second day, walked to the spa island and signed up for the Bosu class. Since I’ve never taken a Bosu class, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It ended up being just me in the class, so it was more like a personal training session.  I generally like large classes because Felipe can’t see me cheating in the back! It was an excellent workout and he really made me sweat  (my abs are still sore three days later).

I worked up quite the appetite for the breakfast buffet at Casa del Lago.

They also brought me gluten free warm crusty bread, homemade butter & jam. I haven’t had good bread in so long I ate the entire basket. Heaven!

We also ordered off the menu for breakfast. I had the most amazing frittata with asparagus, heirloom tomato, zucchini and goat cheese.

E had the scrambled eggs and chorizo burrito with spicy ranchera sauce.

The plan was to spend the day at the beach and pool after that, but the rain pushed us back to our posh suite. Don’t you feel sorry for us?

Once we were back, the sun came out and the clouds parted so we were able to get some sun and splash around in the plunge pool. We had lunch delivered to the suite. It was quick, easy and delicious.

Then it was time for my spa appointment. Eeeeeeeee! I was so excited.

Sense, A Rosewood Spa, is located on its own island. It is massive, and it is amazing.

Inside, it’s basically one huge room with a small side room full of lockers…

…that opens up to a large area with a sauna, steam room, shower, cold pool and jacuzzi.

Their recommendation was to shower, use the steam room and apply a freshly-made scrub, rinse, jump in the cold pool, jump in the jacuzzi, and back into the cold pool to seal the pores. While I usually wear my swim suit at the spa, all the other ladies were naked, so I went naked too! Vacation!

I waited for my therapist in the indoor relaxation room, where I had the yummiest drink of my life…horchata water (a cinnamon rice milk).

Then I had the Mayakoba Ancient Massage. The treatment started with a foot scrub and reflexology and then the massage began. Susana used cacao oil so I got to smell chocolate the entire time! The only major difference from a Swedish massage was that she massaged my stomach – which was weird, but felt good. I highly recommend the treatment.

After my treatment, I spent some time in the outdoor relaxation room…

…and then it was time to shower and get back to E!

We had dinner at Casa del Lago.

Warm gluten free bread again! They served the bread with a homemade butter, bacon aioli and olive oil. We shared the caprese salad with toasted almond pesto and burrata cheese and we each tried a new margarita. Mine was hibiscus and E’s was a spicy one.

I had the grilled vegetable kebabs. So simple and so good. I could drink that green sauce.

E had the olive oil confit black cod with ajoarriero peppers, roasted onions and lobster demi glazed potatoes.

Since it wasn’t very crowded, we had a nice long conversation with our server about all the celebrities that have stayed there and about the Aluxes, the mythological Mayan spirits. I felt like it seemed a little haunted, so naturally, I asked. Our server explained that the Aluxes are tiny people who mainly play tricks on people and before you can build a bridge, you have to put a building on the land for them. Here it is:

Crazy, right?




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