Bone Bash 2012

The Houston Arthritis Foundation recently held the 2012 Bone Bash event at the wicked cool Hotel Zaza. It was a screamin’ gh’oul time!

The Bone Bash decorations were glitzy glam & killer! Everyone (except a few Rheumatologists) donned impressive costumes, which made the event even more monsterific and festive. My favorites were Willy Wonka & the Golden Ticket, the Madonna fan pictured above, Race Car Drivers and some Hippies. The Zaza servers were even in costume.

There was an auction and my friend Candice (above) looked into her crystal ball and told me lots about myself. She said I’m happy (yes), I love my dog (yes), I’m about to start a new job (yes), and a boy named (E’s real name) makes me really happy (yes). It was silly and fun. There were two others doing readings, but I ran out of time.

I was totally in love with the black, silver and purple decorations…

…and the spooktacular dessert! The dinner was awesome as well. I made some new friends and the program of speakers was excellent.

Not wanting to drive after the event, I stayed in a petite queen room, and it was indeed petite. I’d say spend the extra $10 for the deluxe king if there’s more than one of you. It was perfect for me though.

And since it was my last day of vacation, I enjoyed my breakfast in bed!

If you didn’t make it to the Bone Bash this year, definitely put it on your calendar for next year. It was a fang-tastic time!




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