Sweet Birthday Boy

Since I knew E would be such a sweet birthday boy and share his birthday with my friends’ wedding, I threw him a little party the night before we left. And since I knew a professional could do a better (and quicker) job making birthday goodies, I headed over to SWEET in CityCentre. The bakery opens at 8 am every weekday, and I can assure you the cupcakes are fresh because I went at 8:45 and they were still pulling them out of the oven.

If that happens, just order a coffee and hang out for a bit!

Besides coffee and breakfast pastries, SWEET offers fresh-baked cookies, cupcakes and macarons. They even have the most scrumptious gluten free chocolate cupcakes (they also have red velvet, but red velvet generally tastes like food coloring to me, so I haven’t tried those.).

If there aren’t any birthdays coming up, celebrate it being Friday! Have you been? What’s your favorite?



SWEET is in CityCentre, across from Urban Outfitters and RA.


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